Elvira’s Plan (PA SD-17)

Our district, Senate District 17, includes Delaware County (Haverford and Radnor) and Montgomery County (Bridgeport, East Norriton, Lower Merion, Narberth, Norristown, Plymouth, Upper Merion, West Conshohocken and Whitpain). Our district has a very diverse socioeconomic class.

Elvira Berry knows that Senate District 17 needs a new direction and new leadership. Elvira’s entire professional career is built on accountability, from her work in government to building her own business.  Elvira’s plan to advance civil rights and economic opportunities for Senate District 17 and all Pennsylvanians is as follows:

  • Supporting Our Students and Schools: As the mother of a young African American teenager, Elvira volunteered with her local PTA, and instituted youth court programs in Pennsylvania schools. She’ll push for more uniformity in education across the district so that our kids attend safe, nurturing, high-quality schools. She will also fight for increased apprenticeship, internships and career training so that our kids graduate ready for the college or career of their choice.
  • Holding Drug and Insurance Companies Accountable to Reduce Costs: As a mom and an employer who completely covers health insurance costs for her employees, Elvira has a unique perspective on this issue. Elvira will push the pharmaceutical and insurance companies to put more of our hard-earned dollars into health care.
  • Tackling the Terror of Gun Violence: Like the rest of us, Elvira is haunted by the brutal images of gun violence in the daily news. She’ll stand up to the NRA and reach across the aisle to implement Red Flag laws that will prevent dangerous individuals from obtaining guns. She will lead the fight to ban assault weapons once and for all.
  • Raising Pennsylvania’s Minimum Wage: More than three decades ago, Pennsylvania proved that raising the minimum wage is good for workers and the local economy. Elvira believes Pennsylvanians have waited too long for another raise. She’ll fight for a $15 minimum wage, so that we can get workers closer to a wage that supports a family.